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About Us

Merlin's Magic is a family owned business named for our beloved Irish Wolfhound. He was a one of a kind dog who was down to earth, living every moment to it's fullest potential. Those who met Merlin were left with a cherished and unforgettable impression.

With that same outlook, we created our line of products for your pet.

Having been in the pet industry for over 30 years we believe we know what pets prefer in a treat. We procure quality products we know your pet will love. We offer a large variety of options from bones and jerky to tenders, ears and even lactose free treats. This gives you choices based on your pets preferences.

Merlin's Magic treats can help promote dental health, relieve anxiety and promote good behavior by giving your pet an acceptable and fun way to spend time.

Merlin's Magic also offers a complete line of shampoos and an amazing stain and odor remover. Lovely fragrances with natural botanicals will keep your pet clean and fresh smelling.

You will notice as you view our products that we like simplicity... we believe in quality products not flashy packaging. Our ingredients are minimal and all natural. Your pet's enjoyment is our #1 goal.

Check back with us often, as are we are always introducing new products. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

We believe simple ingredients, simply made and simply presented makes Merlin's Magic simply the best!